Master Gardner’s Specialist Training – Rainwater Harvesting

Hood County (Granbury, TX)- July 13-14, 2011




The purpose of this course is to provide advanced training whereby Master Gardeners can obtain specialization in rainwater harvesting that support or expand designated educational programs of Texas AgriLife. This training was created as an intensive multi-day, hands-on course to provide Master Gardeners with knowledge and skills required to communicate rainwater harvesting information to others. Completion of the course and other requirements results in recognition as a Master Gardener “Rainwater Harvesting Specialist”. This certification does not empower the individual with supervisory or administrative authority within his/her local county programs.

a. Recognition: Completion of RWH-MGS course and service requirements results in formal recognized at the annual Texas Master Gardener Conference, at which time they will be awarded a Master Gardener “Rainwater Harvesting Specialist” certificate and patch.

b. Participation Requirements: To be eligible for the Master Gardener “Rainwater Harvesting Specialist” training, an individual must possess an up-to-date Master Gardener certification, or be an employee of Texas AgriLife. Master Gardener applicants must be approved by their local County Extension Agent.

c. Course Requirements: Rainwater Harvesting Master Gardener Specialist – (RWH-MGS): This fee-based course is offered only for Master Gardener participants. It requires at least 15 hours of initial training (classroom and field activities) offered by Texas AgriLife and an additional 12 hours of volunteer service to earn “Rainwater Harvesting Specialist” recognition.

d. Expectations: Master Gardener “Rainwater Harvesting Specialists” are charged to increase awareness and provide training in rainwater harvesting to others in their community.

e. Time Commitment: Master Gardener “Rainwater Harvesting Specialists” are required to serve in this role a minimum of 1 year and provide a minimum of 12 hours of service.

f. Service Examples: Serve as a local Master Gardener “Rainwater Harvesting Specialist” to lead or assist in training for other Master Gardeners. Conduct community youth and/or adult rainwater harvesting educational programs. Increase clientele knowledge about rainwater harvesting through: presentations, workshops and mass media efforts (i.e. radio, newspaper, television, newsletters).

g. Available Resources: Students can reinforce their knowledge by participation in the Rainwater Harvesting Course – RWH-MGS, using printed educational rainwater harvesting manual, examining the electronic resource CD (publications, presentations, news releases etc.), visiting the Rainwater Harvesting Taskforce Web site, and by having direct access to Texas AgriLife Extension Agents.

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