As the population of the state and nation grows, the demand for meat is ever increasing. Livestock production requires water for cleaning, processing, and direct watering of the animals. Rainwater harvesting provides an alternative water source to livestock producers, whether large or small. A rainwater harvesting system can be a stand-alone system or connected to an existing building.

Most RWH systems used by livestock producers are for supplemental water supply (i.e. backup for a well). They can be used for main source of water, but operators must properly design the system so that demand does not exceed supply. Please see the calculator below to assist with system sizing.

Large livestock producers, such as Texas Cattle Ranchers, often have large areas of land where the animals graze. These large areas inevitably are shared with wildlife, so systems in pastures must account for wildlife that may be looking for water. See the Wildlife page for more information.

 Additional Information

AgriLife Rainwater Harvesting Calculator

Rainwater Harvesting for Livestock

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