Rainwater Harvesting Activities for Youth Education

EBN-009-2The Rainwater Harvesting Activities for Youth Education publication and corresponding videos were created to help educators teach students about the importance of water management and conservation, with a focus on rainwater harvesting. The activities can be used for students in grades K-12, 4-H, or Junior Master Gardener education.  Educators can use these videos to learn how to present the activity, let the students watch the videos, or watch them as a group and then complete the activities.  Click here to download the publication from the AgriLife Bookstore.

Rainfall Simulator

Raindrop Splash

Soil Infiltration Measurements with Rings

Mist to Heavy Rain

Corrugated Roof and Gutter

Plastic Sheet Watershed Activity

1-Gallon Jug Watering Device

Making a concrete base to collect water for wildlife

Components of a Rainwater Harvesting System

Making a Rain Barrel

Drip Irrigation

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